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Heather Haigh - Writer 

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Heather is a sight-impaired spoonie and emerging working-class writer, from Yorkshire, England. Her words have been published by various Literary journals and by Yours Fiction Magazine.

When not writing, Heather enjoys yarn crafts, nature, and most of all family and friends.

Heather is a proud member of WritersHQ




Cleft - Flash Fiction published with The Broken Spine

They all Smell Like Mint and Cucumber - Flash fiction published with Witcraft

We die slowly, steadily, gradually, then all at once - flash fiction published with Wireworm

Woman of Steel - Flash Fiction published in The Phare.

Not Doreen - Short story published by Urban Pigs Press

The Proper Management of Homework, Glitter and Wetwipes - Flash fiction in The Mersey Review

The Thing about Bonfires is - micro flash which won the New Writers micro competition

The Shiny New World of Equal Opportunity and Free Choice - Flash Fiction published with The Serulian

Words - A poem published with The Serulian

Penny Blood - Flash Fiction published inThe Alien Buddha's House of Horrors #6

Quiet as a Mouse - Winner of the Globe Soup Micro competition July 23

This House Knows - Flash Fiction shortlisted with Free Flash Fiction

Vampirism in One Week - the Plan - NFFD Write-in.

The Shiny People - a short story in 'Others and Different' published by A Coup of Owls.

We Call it Home - a micro published with 50-word stories

Little Billy Come Home - A short story published with Pure Slush in Home vol 7.

The Last cut - A flash published in Anansi Archives Volume 5

Bloody Women - A flash published with Fictive Dream

There's a Thrush Singing in the Garden - A short story published in Mono Literary journal, issue 3.

At the End of the Day - A short story published in the Hysteria 9 anthology.

Last Lunch with Grandpa- A drabble published as a Globe soup contest finalist.

Starfish - A poem published in 'Confessions of a Clockwalker - Anansi Archives Vol 4

A Good Girl Would Pray For You - New Feathers Anthology

A Date in the lost town of Rovaiolo Vecchio - A hybrid poem published online with Full House Literary.

Cleaved - a drabble published online with Globe Soup.

Embers - A piece of flash published online with Cafe Lit.

A Drop of Courage - Short Story published by Horned Things.

The Real Bogeyman - Flash piece in National FlashFlood Day

And Maybe You Died Laughing - Short story in Anansi Archives volume 2, Gambles and balances   

Two Worlds Collide - Short story in Hysteria 8 anthology

The Woman who Lived on the Edge - Black Moon Magazine

The Smell of Copper Salt and Urine is Preferable to the Smell of Shit - Flash Fiction Magazine

Anna is Gone - Everyday Fiction

News and Events

Awards and Achievements

Winner of the New Writers Authumn Micro Flash Competition - Nov 23

Winner of the Globe Soup Monthly Micro Challenge - July 23
Best in Genre - Globe Soup 7 day Challenge #9. Spring 23

Top pick in the Globe Soup Darkness Drabble competition - Aug 22

Honourable Mention from Flash 500 - Spring 22

Double Shortlisted in the New Writers Spring Drabble - Apr 24
Shortlisted in the Flash 500 Annual Short Story Competition - 2024
Shortlisted with Free Flash Fiction - Competition Sixteen - Jun 23

Shortlisted with Northern Gravy - Nov 22, Feb 23, May 23

Shortlisted in the Cranked Anvil Short Story competition - July 22

Shortlisted in Retreat West Quarterly Flash Competition - Spring 22, Autumn 22
longlisted in Welkin Micro - Jan 24

Longlisted in the Propelling Pencil charity competition - Autumn 23

Longlisted in the Fiction Factory Flash Competition 23

Longlisted with Northern Gravy - 21, Spring 22, Summer 22

Longlisted In City Nonfiction Flash competition - 21

Longlisted in Globe Soup Seven Day Writing Competition - 21

Longlisted in Free Flash Fiction competition - March 22, April 22, Nov 22, Jan 23
Longlisted in AWC Furious Fiction competition July 22
Longlisted in Lucent Dreaming Flash Competition 22

Longlised in Retreat West's monthly Micro Competition - September 22, May 23
Longlisted in Pigeon Review Flash Competiton 22

Longlisted in The Strand international Flash Fiction Competition Jun 23
Longlisted in Flash 500 Jan 23, July 23
Nominated for Best of the Net 22

Awards an Achevements
Books I like

Books I Like


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - heartbreaking but inspiring.
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
Treacle Walker by Alan Garner  -   Loved the voice, the whimsy, and the fun.

Collections of Short Fiction

Know That We Held by JP Relph - Mesmerising language, viscerally disturbing, powerfully dystopian. 

See My Breath Dance Ghostly by Matthew Gostelow.

The Potential of Radio and Rain by Myna Chang  -   The sense of place in the work is incredible. I lived it as I read.

Writing Craft

Going Short - an Invitiation to Flash Fiction by Nancy Stolman - A great introduction to writing flash fiction.

The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr  -  How to build a story that works by understanding your characters and your readers.

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