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Heather Haigh - Writer 

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Heather is a disabled, working-class writer, from England. Her words have been published by:  Reflex Press, Anansi Archives, Black Moon Magazine and others.

When not writing, Heather enjoys yarn crafts, nature, and most of all family and friends.

Heather is a proud member of WritersHQ

Read about Heather's writing journey here: WHQ Interview



Bloody Women - A flash published with Fictive Dream

There's a Thrush Singing in the Garden - A short story published in Mono Literary journal, issue 3.

At the End of the Day - A short story published in the Hysteria 9 anthology.

Last Lunch with Grandpa- A drabble published as a Globe soup contest finalist.

Starfish - A poem published in 'Confessions of a Clockwalker - Anansi Archives Vol 4

A Good Girl Would Pray For You - New Feathers Anthology

The Painter of Lies and Truths - Published with Reflex Fiction

A Date in the lost town of Rovaiolo Vecchio - A hybrid poem published online with Full House Literary.

Cleaved - a drabble published online with Globe Soup.

If You Hear my Lullabye - a piece of Flash published by Reflex Fiction.

Embers - A piece of flash published online with Cafe Lit.

A Drop of Courage - Short Story published by Horned Things.

The Real Bogeyman - Flash piece in National FlashFlood Day

And Maybe You Died Laughing - Short story in Anansi Archives volume 2, Gambles and balances   

Two Worlds Collide - Short story in Hysteria 8 anthology

The Woman who Lived on the Edge - Black Moon Magazine

The Smell of Copper Salt and Urine is Preferable to the Smell of Shit - Flash Fiction Magazine

Anna is Gone - Everyday Fiction

News and Events

Awards and Achievements

Longlisted with Northern Gravy - 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022

Longlisted In City Nonfiction Flash competition - 2021

Longlisted in Globe Soup Seven Day Writing Competition - 2021

Longlisted in Free Flash Fiction competition - March 22, April 22, Nov 22
Longlisted in AWC Furious Fiction competition July 2022
Longlisted in Lucent Dreaming Flash Competition 2022

Longlised in Retreat West's monthly Micro Competition - September 2022
Longlisted in Pigeon Review Flash Competiton 2022
Longlisted in Flash 500 Jan 2023
Shortlisted in Retreat West Quarterly Flash Competition - Spring 2022, Autumn 22
Shortlisted in the Cranked Anvil Short Story competition - July 2022
Shortlisted with Northern Gravy - Nov 22, Feb 23

Honourable Mention from Flash 500 - Spring 2022
Top pick in the Globe Soup Darkness Drabble competition - Aug 2022

Awards an Achevements

Courses and workshops I enjoyed

The following are some of the  courses and workshops I have completed which I thoroughly recommend:

Writers HQ courses:

Writing Short Stories

Beginners Guide to Flash

Editing 101

Making People
Short Fiction mini masterclass

Lucent Dreaming Writers Workshops :

Hopeful Stories by Matt Kendrick

Matt Kendrick Workshops:

Characters in Crisis

Retreat West Zoom Workshops:

Writing the Child's Pov with Martha Lane

Dr Stephanie Carty:

Psychology of Writing.  Check out Stephanie on Twitter. 

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